Together, we are moving Medford forward, revitalizing our business districts, strengthening our schools, keeping our neighborhoods safe, and making key infrastructure improvements.  

Since taking office in January 2016, Medford has made great strides and I look forward to earning your trust again this year.  Check out the recently filmed Medford Public Access Candidate Forum for additional information.

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Arts & Culture

March 15, 2019

Economic Development

March 15, 2019


March 15, 2019

Public Education

March 15, 2019

Public Safety

March 15, 2019

We are not just a city... 

We are a community. Civic life is not all about facts; it is about being invested and showing that investment through action. Whether it’s supporting our amazing children in the school system, to creating a safe and welcoming environment for newcomers, to visiting with our seniors – THESE are the things that separate a Community from City. 

 In just over three years and two elections, myself and my administration are honored to work all day, every day on behalf of this community.