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Stephanie Muccini Burke - an accomplished Certified Public Accountant, small business owner, and life long resident of the city she loves - is the current Mayor of the City of Medford. Stephanie has proven that she is a fierce advocate for this city at the local and state levels. She has the experience and vision to work with local all parties to craft Medford's next chapter.

She graduated from Medford Public Schools and attended Suffolk University for her BS in Accounting and Bentley University for her Masters in Taxation.  A licensed CPA for over 25 years, Stephanie served 15 years as Medford City Councilor and five years as the Director of Budget and Personnel.  She also ran her own business, Ry-Con Financial, for 10 years in Medford Square.

Mayor Burke and the Metro Mayors Association

One doesn’t just become a Chief Executive Officer, it is through hard work and experience. Throughout her entire career, Stephanie has spent time with residents, small business owners and staff, and working in collaboration with elected officials to improve Medford. We are proud of all the accomplishments we’ve had as a community in the 3+ years since being elected Mayor. There is so much good news and the facts speak volumes, especially looking at the last year.

Stephanie took the time to be a productive City Councillor over her tenure, orchestrating and changing the city’s previous archaic liquor laws, spearheading the Project Labor Agreement and building of our new schools, writing zoning to revamp our sign ordinance and the Mixed-Use Zone in Wellington (Station Landing) to name a few. She then served as the Director of Budget and Personnel for five years in the City.

Public Safety

Mayor Burke breaking ground on new Medford Police Department Headquarters

As Mayor, Stephanie has made Public Safety a top priority. In the last year, she delivered on plans and broke ground on our new, state-of-the-art Police Headquarters, while also appointing a new Chief of Police, Jack Buckley.

She  appointed 35 new police officers and firefighters since being sworn in, while holding the first candidates' forum and test training for the recent civil service police exam encouraging minority residents to participate.

The city recently come to agreement with the President of the Medford Firefighter's Local 1032 on a new four-year contract, with plans to to secure architectural services to address a new Fire Department Headquarters.

Public Education

Our public schools continue to make strides.  Over the last year, we have partnered with the Medford School Committee to lead the search for Medford's new Superintendent of Schools - ultimately hiring Dr. Marice Edouard-Vincent.  

In addition, the City and Public School system has partnered with Safe Havens International to assess safety, security, and emergency plans and procedures.  Stephanie also included in the budget, for the first time, a Coordinator/Director of Security position across the city. 

Mayor Burke with School Committee Member Van Der Klout and Superintendent of Schools Vincent

Arts & Culture

Mayor Burke featured on Boston's Zip Trip

Diversity has been a fixture in Medford's past, present, and will continue to be in it's future. Investing in Arts and Culture has been furthered over the last 3 years.  Public access is back in Medford, with the state of the art facility located at Medford High School. 

The Chevalier Theatre is now operated by Bill Blumenreich Presents, driving increased business to our city.  With the Friends of Medford Public Library, initial funding was confirmed and secured for our new state of the art Public Library.  

In addition, the Senior Work-off Abatement Program was enacted, allowing Medford's seniors to welcome and guide residents in the newly renovated Medford City Hall, along with other important contributions.

Economic Development

Under Stephanie's leadership, Medford's housing market and infrastructure has been elevated, leading to the recent designation as a top place to live by Boston Magazine on April 21st in the $500k - $750k housing category.  

With the re-invigoration of the Chevalier and local business, meals tax has increased by 40% over the prior year.  Medford has received the second consecutive bond rating increase to AA+, allowing the city to borrow at lower rates for future projects. 

Lastly, in coordination/negotiation with Stephanie and the administration, Amazon is coming to Medford - leading to 200 new jobs in the coming year as the epicenter of Alexa.

Mayor Burke at a small business opening in Medford, MA


Mayor Muccini Burke at a local event with the Medford Recreation team

Stephanie has lead the charge in improving Medford's environmental footprint, effectively executing against the Metro Mayor's Mitigation compact to become carbon neutral by 2050.

All new facilities, including the Police Station and Library, will be constructed with this compact in mind.  All streetlights in the city have been converted to LED, leading to a 3 year payback and $260k/year in savings.  

Stephanie supported and helped pass the city-wide ordinance to eliminate plastic bags and enacted the electricity aggregation plan.  

Lastly, our parks and fields are being renovated and leveraged by the Medford Recreation Department with dozens of programs for all to participate in. 

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